TEYES With New Finishes


Brand Magneteyes UK Ltd.

For something a little more luxurious and exciting we now have our Speckle finish range. These lovely eye pieces have a base finish and then a textured speckle over the top giving them a tactile feel with the base colour showing through subtlety.  Available in blue/black, red/black, green/black & black/black.

Alternatively for a more conservative luxury look we now have a Slate Grey Suede finish. Sleekly matt, lovely and warm to the touch.

New Suede Colours Now Available! - Rust Red and Subtle Blue

TEYES London Readers provide style and practicality.  Designed in London and made in England. This lightweight frame, (only 11 grams without lenses), comes fitted with optical quality reading lenses that sell elsewhere for £60 - £80 (If you don's know your lens strength then use our Need Help With Choosing Your Lens Strength? page)