TEYES London Readers - Magnetic glasses frames made 100% in the UK


Brand Magneteyes uk

  1. TEYES London Readers provide style and practicality.  Designed in London and made in England. This lightweight frame, (only 11 grams without lenses), comes fitted with optical quality reading lenses that sell elsewhere for £60 - £80 (If you don's know your lens strength then use our Need Help With Choosing Your Lens Strength? page)


These TEYES magnetic glasses frames are all one colour.  If you want something a little different you might like to try our new build your own frame section where you can choose different colours for the various components of the frame.  For example you could have a black front with black side arms and a red headband among others.

In addition to our Standard finish we now have a Speckle finish. These lovely eye pieces have a base finish and then a textured speckle over the top giving them a tactile feel with the base colour showing through subtly.  Available in blue/black, red/black, green/black & black/black.  

Alternatively for a more conservative luxury look we now have a slate grey suede finish. Sleekly matt, lovely and warm to the touch.

Forget you're wearing glasses not where you put them!

TEYES are the lightest weight front connection frames in the world!

Conveniently close when you need them, just pull them up from around your neck and let the magnets do the work of finding each other.  When you don't need them just hang them back around your neck ready for the next time you do.


TEYES frames are guaranteed against breakage for a year but even after this period we can usually fix any frame problem at little or no cost. Just contact us for superior after sales service!