TEYES (pronounced "Ties") have been designed in London and Made in England - The only magnetic front connection eye wear made in the UK!

World's first 100% modular glasses 

TEYES London Readers from only £29.99*

TEYES with prescription lenses from only £49.99* free delivery 

(*Tip: Choose our clear frames for the lowest price)

TEYES frames are made from extremely strong, eco-friendly materials so will not break even if you tie the head band into a knot.  (See the illustration). London Readers come with CR39 ophthalmic quality lenses, it's all about your eyes...  The ultra-lightweight frames* mean you will

Forget you're wearing glasses, not where you put them!

An attractive, practical alternative to traditional glasses. All TEYES magnetically fasten across the bridge of the nose.  When not in use they hang conveniently around your neck using our slim headband made from Rilsan® Clear.  Rilsan® Clear is amazingly strong and flexible for a hard material. With our patent pending screwless modular system you could buy more than one pair and mix and match colours to change and personalise your TEYES.

If you take your glasses on and off a lot then TEYES will change your life!  TEYES pull apart frames are available with ready reading lenses or with lenses made to your prescription

* TEYES frames weigh only 11 grams, that's less than the weight of 2 sheets of standard A4 paper.  It's the lightest front connection frame on the market.


Outside Frame Width: 152mm (6ins)

Inside Frame Width: 140mm (5 ½ ins)

Horizontal lens: 54mm (2 ¼ ins)

Vertical Lens: 31mm (1 1/4 ins)

NoseBridge: 19mm (3/4ins)

Temple Depth:  Standard side arms: 190mm to 204 mm (7 ½ ins – 8 ins)

                          Long side arms: 200mm – 210mm (7 ¾ - 8 ½ ins)




Types of Glasses Lenses Explained

Recently we have had several occasions where a customer needs something other than standard single vision lenses in their TEYES frames.  Most of the time it is the strength of the prescription that triggers the need for high index or aspheric lenses.  There are also other conditions that require different lenses and I hope you find the following informative and useful.  If you would like any more information about lenses don’t hesitate to contact us!


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Astigmatism Explained

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Confused about what your glasses prescription means? Read this...

Confused about what your glasses prescription means?  Read this...

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