TEYES have been designed in London and Made in England. We are proudly the only magnetic front connection eye wear made in the UK!

Select from our fantastic range of options

  • TEYES London Readers from only £34.99*
  • TEYES with prescription lenses from only £54.99* free delivery 

TEYES glasses are built with quality in mind. Our frames are made from ultra-light extremely strong, eco-friendly materials and will not break even if you tie them in a knot! London Readers come with high quality CR39 ophthalmic quality lenses. 

An attractive, practical alternative to traditional glasses. All TEYES magnetically fasten across the bridge of the nose.  When not in use they hang conveniently around your neck.

If you take your glasses on and off a lot then TEYES will change your life!  TEYES pull apart frames are available with ready reading lenses or with lenses made to your prescription.

* TEYES frames weigh only 11 grams, that's less than the weight of 2 sheets of standard A4 paper.  It's the lightest front connection frame on the market.