Dear Alice
Thank you ; they have arrived and are just the job!
Best   RMF High Wycombe, Bought black and clear TEYES London readers Oct 21 2019


Dear TEYES Team
This is just to thank you very much for your excellent customer service in dealing with my query so helpfully and promptly.   I received the replacement eyepiece on Wednesday and had no trouble inserting the lens into it.  My reading glasses are now good as new again and I really appreciate your kind help with this problem. 
BD bought TEYES London readers in Aug 2018 - broken part replaced Oct 2019


Hi Alice,

I just received my TEYES today, Saturday the 20th. It’s amazing how fast they arrived!

I wish I found you many moons ago! Love these TEYES!!!!! For me these glasses do the trick. Many thanks again! If you ever have a tentative customer that needs a convincing helpful word, let me know!
Take care!!! 

PM from Pleasanton, California USA Product purchased:  TEYES with prescription distance lenses July 2019


Dear Alice,

Thank you for sending my glasses.

I have used them since they arrived and although I find the bifocal layout a little different from the varifocal that I am used to. l am delighted in that they fit so much better than the Clic pair and are very light to wear. 

All in all l am very pleased with my purchase.

J.B. from Cheltenham. Product purchased: TEYES with bifocal lenses July 2019


Hi Alice,

Following our conversation yesterday the specs arrived promptly this morning, and I'm very pleased with them: as you said, much lighter and more flexible than the Clics as well as being a lot cheaper!

 Many thanks,  MB from Penzance Product bought TEYES London Readers   July 2019




Hi, TEYES Team,

My TEYES have arrived safely and I love them, thanks so much. Life will be much easier from now on!



SWJ from Norwich  March 2019 Bought TEYES with prescription lenses



Dear TEYES, My glasses arrived on Friday and they are just perfect. I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service.  The glasses are really very light, I had a pair of Clic glasses from my optician they cost nearly three times yours and are much too heavy! I shall be using your services again in the future. Kind Regards  DR from  Annan November 2018 Bought TEYES with prescription lenses

Good Morning Alice,

 Just to let you know that my glasses have arrived this morning. An excellent service considering I only ordered them yesterday, many thanks.

They are very light and comfortable. I particularly like the inclusion of extra length side arms which gives flexibility for all head sizes and the modular design that allows the user to buy spares instead of purchasing complete new spectacles, no other supplier does that and lastly the price is right".

TG from Biggleswade August 2018 Bought Red TEYES London Readers

Dear Alice
"I received the Teyes glasses yesterday. Just to let you know they fitted very well & are comfortable.
Thank you very much for your good costumer service.
I will definitely recommend them to my friends".
CK from Putney July 2018 Bought green Speckle TEYES London Readers
Hi Alice,
"I'm pleased to report that not only are my TEYES a godsend around the house and on long-distance hikes (map/app reading), they're also completely grandchild-proof, being regularly snatched from around my neck and dashed to the floor with no harm done!"   WM from London June 2018 bought clear TEYES London readers 
Hi Magneteyes
Thank you, glasses arrived yesterday and they are amazing.  Over the moon with the whole service you give.  Lovely to be able to speak to Alice about my order beforehand, delivery has been quick and effortless.  Finally, the glasses are amazing, so comfortable and the style  seems to suit everyone, ( all the family have tried them on!).  I will be back for sunglasses soon...and possibly a couple of other pairs in different colours.
You're brilliant,  keep up the good work
B. M.  From Salisbury, product bought: TEYES London frame with prescription lenses with blue light protection November 2017
Hi Alice,
They just arrived and I am wearing them now! 
Thanks for the speedy service.
TM from France. Product bought: 2 TEYES London frames with prescription lenses, Oct, 2017
Dear Alice,
 Thanks so much for my new glasses. They arrived yesterday, I'm wearing them now -getting used to the system quickly. They haven't fallen off my head onto the concrete floor of my workshop, I can see what I'm doing and I haven't lost them. A resounding success.  E.B. from Newbury, product bought: TEYES London frame with prescription lenses September 2017
Dear Alice,
I just received the parcel with the glasses and they are perfect
in every respect. Their color is good and they suit me well and feel comfortable.
I will definitely recommend your product 
AB Israel Product Bought: TEYES London Readers Grey Suede Sept 2017
Delighted with my new bright red glasses ! Have been a fan of "clic" specs for years but these are much better quality and I particularly like the longer sidearms as I have a big 
head ! AM. Cambridge  Product Bought:  TEYES London frames with single vision prescription lenses.  June 2017


Dear Alice,
My glasses arrived Saturday and I must say that I am delighted with them.
I have fitted the longer arms which gives me the correct fit and the lens colour and clarity is perfect.
These will enhance not only my fishing experience but will now be my  "go to" choice for many other outdoor activities.
May I take this opportunity to thank you for all your help and advice in seeing my order through to completion.  R.K. Wallingford, Oxfordshire Product Purchased: TEYES London Frames with prescription D28 bifocal polarised Elite Plus lenses with anti-scratch & anti-reflective coatings June 2017

Dear Alice
Thank you for sending the headband and extra side arms. 
When buying glasses, I have always found the experience intimidating till now.
I wish more people/companies could take a leaf from your book and put in just that little bit of extra effort that makes the whole buying experience exceptional. 
V A from Kensington, NSW Australia.  Products purchased: Prescription TEYES with anti-scratch & anti-reflective coatings bundle, black frames.  April 2017


I have received my glasses today & they are just what I wanted. I have been using front magnet glasses for some years. An Italian friend introduced me to Clic. I have since bought several inferior pairs. Yours are the best I've had. Regards P B

 P B from London. Products purchased:  TEYES London Readers, Midnight Blue & TEYES with Computer lenses, Black. March 2017

Hi Alice

In passing you need to know I am a walking advert for the product which I love !

 Warm regards

V D F from Cardiff.  Product purchased: TEYES London Readers Clear +1.0       March 2017

Hi Alice
I'd just like to thank you for sending the white head band. The glasses are now just what I wanted and I'm very pleased with them - light, easy to use and very good to see through! I started with clic readers, but I think they are very overpriced here. I wore them for years until I needed the next strength up. Then I bought some Loopies which are TERRIBLE!! I would have sent them back but sadly the dog ate the case before I got a chance to.... They are constantly lop-sided on my head and the magnets so strong that I have to use two hands to wrench them apart and then again to position them together. And they do something weird with my hair into the bargain.
So I am delighted to have yours which are just affordable (!) and exactly what I wanted. An amazing number of people ask me about my magnetic glasses and I shall be pleased to point them all in your direction.
I'm surprised more people haven't discovered the ease of wearing them and never having to wonder where they are. My father used to have two pairs of glasses in every room for when he couldn't find any - he would have loved these!
As an aside, I have entertained  a whole host of children in the family who think it hilarious to "break my glasses". I then have to sob and they miraculously mend them. You would not believe how often this happens......
Again, many thanks
F C from Bungay  Product Purchased: TEYES London Readers +2.5 Custom Frame - March 2017

Glasses arrived safely today, thanks!  They have been a permanent fixture on my nose or around my neck since then!

A.M. from Dumfries Product Purchased: TEYES London Readers +2.0 Custom frame - February 2017




 If this is of any interest - I am a keen mountain walker and I wear my TEYES when I am on the hills.

 If I take my everyday reading glasses, when I take them out of my glasses case and put them on, especially when it is cold/wet they immediately steam up. With TEYES they are always around my neck so when I need to look at the map they are already acclimatised to the cold.

 They are also quick and easy to put on with gloves.

R.C. from Dorchester Product purchased: TEYES London Readers 2 pairs Oct 2015 & Jan 2017



Despite paying for 'express delivery' I was, very untypically, unable
to be in on the delivery day. However, I arranged for a re-delivery
and the glasses arrived yesterday.

I am more than just pleased with them; they are brilliant. Whenever
the opportunity arises I will certainly have no problem in
recommending them to others.

Best Regards,
from Penzance   Product Purchased: TEYES London Readers Dec 2016


Dear Alice,

I've just ordered another pair of clear TEYES with computer anti reflection lenses.  If possible could these be sent to reach me by this coming Wednesday 23rd November.  I am attending a conference in Lisbon and would appreciate having them with to wear there.

Best wishes,

M. S from London Product bought: TEYES London frames with computer lenses and  previously TEYES London Readers November 2016


Hi Alice

Just thought I'd drop you a line about my new prescription teyes. 
I am absolutely delighted with them, can't believe how quickly you made them up for me! And the price is unbeatable, £69.99 for a pair of prescription glasses, the last pair of prescription glasses cost me over £400! and I broke the arm at the hinges and I couldn't get them repaired, so I kept buying £1 glasses from the pound shop, they looked awful and hurt my eyes. 
People have already commented on how great they look. 
Thanks again. 
J C From Bisley on 18th July 2016.  Product purchased: TEYES Prescription Single Vision, near for reading with anti-scratch & anti-glare coatings
Hello Alice, 
Late last year, I saw that two of my acquaintances were wearing strange reading glasses round their necks.  These glasses split at the front, looped around the neck and seemed very handy.   However, when I checked that brand out, I was horrified at the price.   How fortunate then to come across MagnetEyes, which work on the same principle but are a reasonable price.  So, I purchased a pair before Christmas.  My wife was sceptical and continued to have various pairs of reading glasses placed strategically around the house - by the bed, by the washing machine, by the Hi-Fi, by the cookbooks and in her handbag.  However, after a few weeks of still looking for a pair of glasses when she needed them, she gave in and I purchased her a pair of TEYES as well, which she is very pleased with.   I have just come in from a couple of hours in the garden and was surprised to find my TEYES still around my neck from breakfast time, that's how convenient and comfortable they are.

DN from Monmouth on the 8th July 2016. Products purchased: TEYES London Readers

Dear Alice,

Thank you so much. I received my glasses today, in time for my return to work in Africa on Saturday. They look fabulous..... and  dainty too!!!!..... The blue ray protection is something, isn't it??  Well appreciated. I will certainly have a repeat purchase next year.

GA, From Newark on 5th July 2016 Product purchased: Prescription TEYES for computer/close work

Hi Alice

I would be delighted if you used my comments. The glasses are great and what colours! Definitely something no one else has around me but I will tell anyone who asks that I got them from you.

 All the best!

GB from St Austell on 5th July 2016. Product purchased: TEYES prescription glasses for reading.

Hi Alice 

The glasses arrived this morning and they are fantastic.  My wife has broken several pairs of ordinary reading glasses constantly taking them on and off in the past. These, I am sure will solve the problem and save me a small fortune!.
You may well get another order shortly for myself.

DP, from Salisbury. On 28 April 2016 Product purchased; TEYES London readers

Good luck Alice, and I really hope you do well...actually I used have Clic, but I am a convert now, lol

SC from West Malling on April 17th 2016. Product purchased: TEYES London Readers

 Dear Alice

 Received my glasses and yes, I'm very happy with them thank you.

All the best to Magneteyes in the future.

TW from Kirkcaldy on the 6th April 2016. Product purchased: TEYES Prescription Glasses

Hi Alice the glasses have just arrived and are perfect for our needs. Thank you for an excellent service. 

 DC from Lyne on the 3rd March 2016. products purchased: TEYES London Readers