Made in Britain 


With all the choices of eye wear out there here are some excellent reasons for choosing TEYES

We're quirky, different and the only front connection frames that are completely modular.  This means each component of the frame is easily replaceable should any part get damaged.  You can also change the colours of your frames parts if you wish.  

 Common Eye Wear Problems That TEYES Solve:

 1. You keep losing your glasses….

TEYES are specifically designed to be available when you want them, in an instant!  No more looking in pockets, bags or around the house for your glasses. TEYES have the lightest front connection frames on the market.  They only weigh 11 grams which is less than the weight of two sheets of standard A4 paper. That's why we say buy TEYES and.....

"Forget you're wearing glasses,not where you put them!"

 2. You keep breaking your glasses….

There is nothing more annoying than breaking your glasses and then being told you have to buy a new frame, especially when some glasses with prescription lenses can cost £300 - £400 or more!  TEYES frames are fully guaranteed against breakage for one year from purchase.  Even after a year if you have a mishap we can usually help with spare parts for minimal or no cost.  TEYES modular frames are made up of 2 eye pieces, 2 side arms and 1 head band which all fit together without screws so if a piece gets damaged you can fit a replacement part with ease.

 3. What about the other front connection glasses on the market…?

Just search on the internet and you will see many front connection readers for sale, some at ridiculously low prices and some at the other end of the scale.  TEYES are the only front connection eye wear made in the UK and come with a one year+ guarantee.  Our frames are made from Rilsan Clear® an eco-friendly modern nylon that will last.  TEYES lenses are of the best quality at reasonable prices - From £34.99 including the frame. (Clear frame with reader lenses) (TEYES London Readers).  These are the same lenses that are offered by opticians but at much lower cost. Here is some more information about our lenses: 

We use CR39, (allyl diglycol carbonate), prescription quality lenses in our TEYES readers.  CR39 is short for Columbia Resin #39".  The Armorlite Lens Company in California is credited with manufacturing the first CR-39 eyeglass lenses in 1947.  Before this almost all lenses were made of glass. Whilst glass has excellent optical qualities, (think of really good camera lenses), it is heavy and prone to shattering.  CR39 lenses are half the weight of glass but maintain almost the same optical quality.  They are also much more resilient to breaking, thus making an excellent material for lenses. Each set of lenses is cut individually so that if you choose TEYES London Readers with +2.0 strength lenses, that is exactly what you get. We also glaze TEYES your prescription and we offer this service from £54.99 including the frame(TEYES London prescription glasses).  As well as single vision lenses we do bifocal, varifocal, sun-reactive and prescription sunglasses as well. For a quote for any of these just contact Alice at or ring 0207 582 2347